Death Caused By Negligence

A wrongful death occurs when a person’s negligent conduct results in the death of another person. The survivors of that deceased person are entitled to compensation for the loss of their loved one. If you are a survivor of a loved one who has died due to wrongful death, the attorneys at The Law Firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.A., will help you through every step of the way and navigate the many legal angles of this traumatic situation for you.

What We Fight to Win Compensation For:

Our team understands the pain a family goes through when there has been a fatality. We know that the lives of the family are turned completely upside down, and that they are in need of strong legal assistance during their time of grieving.

At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we’ve spent 50 years fighting for thousands of victims who’ve experienced loss, death or injury due to another person’s negligence. And although it’s extremely difficult to place a monetary value on the loss of a life, the deceased’s family has a right to compensation for their incurred damages. These include:

  • Pain and suffering (mental and physical)
  • Medical expenses incurred for the deceased
  • Future repercussions for the deceased’s family
  • Value of lost benefits
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage

In addition to compensation, our team is dedicated to supporting and guiding you through this difficult process. Rest assured that you, your family and your case are in the best hands possible.

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