Unsafe Premises Due to Negligence

Property owners have a legal responsibility to make their premises safe for everyone who uses them. This includes consumers, clients and any other person who walks in and out of buildings such as residences, offices, parking lots, shopping malls and more. If you’ve recently been injured on the property of a negligent property owner, let our team fight for your case.

Many Slip-and-Fall Accidents Are Caused By:

  • Icy or other slippery surfaces
  • Food or liquid spills
  • Potholes or defective sidewalks
  • Wrong choice of floor covering
  • Improperly fastened carpeting
  • Debris left on walkways
  • Poorly fastened/constructed display units
Construction Worker Slipping on Slick Floor Next to Caution Sign

Negligent Behavior Associated with Premises Liability Can Include:

  • Improper employee/contractor supervision
  • Failure to regularly inspect the premises
  • Inadequate systematic maintenance procedures
  • Insufficient staff or operations
  • Property oversights
Caution signs with a excavator

What We Fight to Win Compensation For:

When it comes to slip-and-fall/premises liability cases, there are special requirements that must be satisfied before victims can collect compensation for their injuries. At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we’ve spent 50 years making sure those requirements are met and that we fight for thousands of victims who’ve experienced loss or injury due to another person’s negligence. Our attorneys work diligently to win compensation for your:

Pain and Suffering (Mental and Physical)

Past and Future Medical Expenses

Property Damage

Future Repercussions

Diminished Enjoyment of Life

Lost Wages

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