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When it comes to personal injury accidents, there are many different types that people can be affected by. From premises liability to car accidents and everything in between, our team at The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen has extensive experience in all areas of personal injury, including:

What to Expect During Your Personal Injury Case


During our first meeting, we will gather information regarding the accident, how it happened and what injuries you’ve acquired because of it. We open a file in your name and a team of legal technicians prepare your case, contacting appropriate parties to give notice of the claim.

While your case is being evaluating, our team is with you, advising you on next steps every step of the way.


After your attorney has all the liability issues information, they will gather all the medical documents from all the treating physicians, including treatment records, hospital records, x-rays and test results.

Sometimes your treating physician will not write an opinion report of your injury until he has treated and examined you a number of times. We will advise you if there are any unusual delays.


Early on, we will contact your insurance company to discuss a possible settlement of your case before any lawsuit is filed. Before insurance companies consider settling cases, they usually want to see all of your medical records, information concerning lost wages (past, present and future), the damages to personal property (which might include your automobile), expenses and all relevant information concerning your claim. They will not settle a case until they are convinced that they have a legal duty to compensate you, so documentation is very important. Your attorney will prepare a settlement demand letter with all relevant enclosures to the insurance company. They will then review the documents and determine whether to offer a settlement.

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