Negligence of Medical Personnel

Medical negligence of medical doctors, nurses or hospital personnel have the potential to cause serious injuries and even death. If such injuries or a wrongful death has occurred due to proven medical negligence or malpractice, the law allows the injured person or their survivors to receive compensation. At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we know how difficult this time can be, and we are well experienced in handling these types of cases. Our team is here to provide assistance every step of the way to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Common Types of Error and Malpractice:

  • Not providing appropriate treatment
  • Choosing not to take a medical action when necessary
  • Providing a harmful or deadly alternative treatment
  • Neglecting to order necessary tests
  • Discharging a patient prematurely
  • Not properly diagnosing
  • Failing to follow up
  • And more
Aerial view of a nurse taking a patient's blood pressure

What We Fight to Win Compensation For:

Medical malpractice can have devastating results on those affected by it. But with the appropriate pieces of evidence provided in a timely manner, victims and their families may have the opportunity to collect a significant compensation for their injuries or other losses. At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we’ve spent 50 years understanding those requirements and tight deadlines to make sure we have what it takes to fight for victims who’ve experienced loss or injury due to another person’s negligence. Our medical malpractice attorneys work diligently to win compensation for your:

Physical Pain and Suffering

Significant Loss of Income

Medical Expenses

Chronic Pain

Mental Anguish


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