How Much Is My Case Worth?


It depends on several factors. Your case is worth either what we tell the insurance company it is worth or the amount of an award granted by a judge and jury.

To determine this amount, we examine all of the conditions surrounding your case that we believe the insurance company must pay for. These conditions include how the accident happened, what injuries you suffered or are still suffering, what future medical problems may result from the injury, the amount of medical expenses and lost income you’ve experienced, as well as future medical costs and future loss of income. We study every detail so we can get you the full amount you deserve.

Generally speaking, we calculate compensation using a basic formula: Total Dollar Amount for Special Damages x General Damages Multiplier = Total Compensation Owed to the Victim. To learn more about this calculation, read our Breaking Down Your Settlement Calculation blog now.

Once we’ve calculated this amount, we will either present to the defendant’s insurance company, or if it’s taken to court, it will be reviewed by a judge and jury.

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