Hurricane Safety: What To Do After a Hurricane

Hurricane Safety: What To Do After a Hurricane

The storm may have passed, but that doesn’t mean all danger has too. There are many hazards you can still encounter after a hurricane, so it’s important to know how to be prepared for the other half of the storm.

5 Top Causes for Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida is the leading state across the nation in motorcyclist fatalities and injuries. 

Tips for a Safe Road Trip During the Holidays

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for travelers. And while the news may focus on packed airports and lengthy flight delays, there are many Americans that travel by vehicle to get to their holiday destinations. 

Tips for a Safe Day of the Dead” Celebration in Ft. Lauderdale”

Day of the Dead (or “Dia de los Muertos”) is a day dedicated to remembering loved ones lost—honoring them with parade processionals, ofrendas (traditional community remembrance altars), and handmade crafts from independent artists and other members of the community.

Driving Safety Tips for You and Trick-Or-Treaters This Halloween

On a holiday full of outdoor excitement like Halloween, it’s important to be cautious while on the road, even before it gets dark. With many people walking around both at night and before sunset (for the younger trick-or-treaters), make sure that you’re following all the rules of the road, paying close attention, and using these […]

The Scary Stats on Distracted Driving and How to Avoid a Car Accident

Operating a motor vehicle safely has many sets of challenges. As a driver, not only are you required to know the health and upkeep of your vehicle before getting on the road, you must also be aware of other outside factors, such as bad weather, road hazards, too much or too little sunlight, other drivers’ […]

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in West Palm Beach, Florida

Though driving any motor vehicle can be dangerous in a busy city, riding a motorcycle comes with its own set of risks and hazards that every rider should be mindful of. So before hitting the roads in West Palm Beach, consider following these five safety tips to help avoid becoming involved in a motorcycle accident.

5 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists in Hollywood, Florida

No matter how safe of a driver you might be, when you’re riding a motorcycle in a busy area like Hollywood, Florida, you’re likely to experience added risks and hazards while on the road. But, by following some easy motorcycle safety tips, you may significantly decrease your chances of getting into an accident. 

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Use While Riding in Ft. Lauderdale

Unlike many drivers on the road, motorcyclists often have to take special precaution for a lot of hazards that may be an extra risk for them while riding a motorcycle. And on the busy streets of Ft. Lauderdale, it’s even more important to know how to stay safe while operating a motorcycle in a sea […]