Common Personal Injury Case Types

Man Holding Injured Knee

Every day life is full of hazards which can put you and your health at risk. Fortunately, our government has passed laws for individuals and businesses to follow, so that you are safeguarded from these dangers. For example, it is required by law for businesses to put up ‘Wet Floor’ signs when they are mopping […]

Defective Products and How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Defective Products and How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Each year, thousands of injuries (and sometimes deaths) result from product defects in the United States. Companies that manufacture and distribute products have a responsibility to ensure safe, effective products are produced and sold to their customers.

Medical Malpractice or General Negligence?

Medical Malpractice or General Negligence?

When it comes to estimating a dollar amount for the damages a personal injury victim should receive, there are various ways insurance companies and personal injury attorneys calculate this number.

What Is Premises Liability?

Wondering what premises liability is? Here’s an overview of what premises liability is, how it can be proven and what to do if you believe you’ve been injured as a result.

Why You Should Never Accept an Insurance Adjuster’s First Settlement Offer

It’s very understandable for victims of a traumatic personal injury to just want to get past it and not have to deal with more unwanted disruptions that come with the whole ordeal. So when an insurance company calls quickly after to discuss a settlement offer, it’s very tempting to want to take it and move […]

What Is Litigation and How Does It Work?

Most people who have been involved in a personal injury accident for the first time are very unfamiliar with what happens if they want to file a lawsuit. That’s where The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen is here to help.

Knowing Your Rights on the Road in Florida

Traffic laws and right-of-way rules differ across state lines. Do you know your rights on the road in Florida? Read on to learn how you can help prevent accidents and do your due diligence as a responsible driver.

5 Top Causes for Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida is the leading state across the nation in motorcyclist fatalities and injuries. 

What to Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

When it comes to slip-and-fall accidents in the U.S., there are a surprisingly high number of incidents that occur, resulting in hospital visits. Many slip-and-fall accidents are caused by unsafe conditions at a store or other public business—places most people expect to be safe and free from hazards.

What Do I Do After a Truck Accident?

Whether you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian, biker or cyclist, if you’ve been injured as a result of a truck accident, you need reliable, trustworthy legal representation to help get you the recoveries you deserve.

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Florida

Being the victim of an auto accident is difficult enough. But when the negligent driver flees the scene, it can become even more difficult to deal with, especially if you’ve been injured as a result.