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Auto Accident

*Note: The plaintiff and defendant’s names have been altered to protect their identities.

The Accident:

Amelia was a passenger in the rear passenger side of a vehicle traveling southbound in the left turn lane of SW 145th Avenue, while another vehicle was heading northbound in the outside through lane of SW 145th Avenue with a green light. As the other vehicle attempted to cross the intersection with the right of way, the driver of the vehicle Amelia was a passenger in turned in front of that vehicle, causing it to slam into the rear passenger side, directly where Amelia was seated. The impact caused the driver to slam into a third vehicle that was located in the westbound through lane of the access road.

The Damages:

Due to the severity of the accident, Amelia was treated on scene by Fire Rescue. She was immediately fully immobilized on a backboard and transported to the nearest hospital as a trauma patient.

The emergency room physician noted that the x-rays revealed two fractures, a superior right pubic ramus fracture, and a midshaft right clavicular fracture. After being dismissed, the pain was unbearable and she was transported to the hospital again, which had an admitting diagnosis of a right clavicle fracture, sacral fracture on the right side and pelvic ring right superior inferior pubic ramus fracture.


The investigating police officer noted that the cause of this accident was the driver’s failure to yield the right of way. Due to the driver’s negligence, Amelia was painfully and permanently injured.

The Verdict:

As a direct result of this accident, Amelia missed about four months of work and accrued more than $160,000.00 in medical expenses. After The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen represented this case, it was resolved for a total of $295,000.00.

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