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Auto Accident

*Note: The plaintiff and defendant’s names have been altered to protect their identities.

The Accident:

Carlos (the plaintiff) was fully stopped at a red light when he was suddenly struck by an uninsured motorist in the same lane. The impact was so severe that Carlos’s vehicle was pushed across the intersection in front of him and into a brick wall.

The Damages:

The damages sustained from the accident were:

  • A C2/3 1mm broad-based right paracentral disc herniation with compression on the thecal sac
  • A C3/4 bulging disc
  • A C5/6 2mm broad-based central disc herniation contacting the anterior surface of the spinal cord
  • A C6/7 bulging disc
  • An L1/2 2mm broad-based posterior disc herniation with compression on the thecal sac
  • An L3/4 broad based bulging disc
  • An L4/5 2mm broad based left posterolateral disc herniation with left posterolateral annular tear and a bulging disc at L5/S1

Weeks of physical therapy were unsuccessful, so Carlos had no choice but to undergo recommended surgery.


Liability clearly rested with the defendant. The uninsured motorist was cited for violating Florida Statute section 316.1925(1) for careless driving. Due to the uninsured motorists’ negligence, Carlos was painfully and permanently injured.

The Verdict:

As a result of the incident, Carlos accumulated medical bills that surpassed $180,000. The case was resolved for a total of $200,000.00.

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