How Much Can My Car Accident Attorney Get Me?

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Car accidents can be life-changing events. They can leave victims with very serious injuries, financial burden, diminished quality of life, and more. In some unfortunate cases, these circumstances can last lifetimes. After a car accident, you may feel hopeless and extremely stressed by the new expenses. Medical bills, car repair or replacement, lost wages, and […]

What You Must Prove in a Slip and Fall Case

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Anybody who’s ever been to a mall, restaurant, or public space while they are cleaning has most likely seen an abundance of wet floor signs, areas roped off, or even an attendant telling you to go around and be careful. So why do malls, restaurants, and even small local businesses make such a big deal […]

Common Personal Injury Case Types

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Every day life is full of hazards which can put you and your health at risk. Fortunately, our government has passed laws for individuals and businesses to follow, so that you are safeguarded from these dangers. For example, it is required by law for businesses to put up ‘Wet Floor’ signs when they are mopping […]

Everything You Need to Know About No-Contact Car Accidents

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A no-contact car accident is when only one driver or vehicle is injured without direct collision with another vehicle. Not to be confused with a single-car accident, which is when the driver is responsible for their own crash, a no-contact car accident is the fault of another driver. An example would be a driver swerving […]

How a Car Accident Attorney Calculates Pain and Suffering

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Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences. They are often sudden, jarring, and loud. These crashes, although accidental, can leave the victim(s) with very serious injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, and more. Car accidents can have an emotional toll as well. It is not uncommon for a car accident victim to develop post-traumatic stress […]