Property owners have a legal responsibility to make their premises safe for everyone who uses them. This includes protecting the safety of consumers, clients and others who walk in and out of office buildings, parking lots, residences, shopping malls and more. If you have been injured because of the negligence of a property owner, contact The Law Firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.A. immediately and we’ll fight to get you the recoveries you rightfully deserve.

Some typical slip-and-fall/premises-liability accidents are caused by:

  •  Ice or slippery surfaces 
  •  Food or liquid spills 
  •  Papers left on the floor or sidewalk 
  •  Improperly fastened or constructed product display units 
  •  Debris left by workers on walkways 
  •  Potholes or defective sidewalks 
  •  Wrong choice of floor covering 
  •  Improperly fastened carpeting 
  •  Insufficient lighting 

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As consumers, we often go to the premises of businesses to purchase or receive our desired products/services. But sometimes property owners and store managers make poor or careless judgments about the maintenance and repair of their property, resulting in negligent behavior that can directly affect us as consumers. Some negligent behavior associated with premises liability can include:

  •  Improper supervision of employees or contractors 
  •  Failure to regularly inspect the premises 
  •  Oversights 
  •  Inadequate systematic maintenance procedures 
  •  Insufficient staff or operations 

However, slip-and-fall/premises-liability cases have a special requirement that must be satisfied before victims can collect compensation for their injuries. It must be shown that the owner(s) knew or should have known about the defect for a reasonable time period and that the defect was not remedied in a timely way.

Our team at The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, P.A. knows exactly what the investigation process consists of for obtaining this proof. Our Florida state lawyers know what records are needed, who to get statements from and how to get them, and we cover every base to find the proof needed for your case.