Substantial Verdicts and Settlements

Our personal injury attorneys at The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen have garnered some impressive results over the past few decades for a variety of clients in the South Florida area, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and many more. View some of our biggest successes below for details:

$4 Million Settlement with Hospital

Minor child rendered brain damaged during birth by failure to timely perform a caesarean section on the mother.

$3.4 Million Settlement Against Trucking Company

Female Corvette driver pinned under dump truck and rendered paralyzed.

$3.3 Million Jury Trial Verdict for Plaintiffs

Circuit Court for Broward County, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
Auto negligence against a cab driver. Wrongful death of father of three minor children.

$1.75 Million Jury Trial Verdict for Plaintiff

U.S. District Court, So. Dist. Fla. Left leg amputation during asphalt production process due to injuries sustained during an industrial accident. Federal Court, Products Liability.

$1 Million Confidential Settlement – TIRE AND RUBBER COMPANY

Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, Eleventh Judicial Circuit. The Plaintiff sustained a tire tread separation while operating a vehicle. The vehicle was in a subsequent accident, and resulted in fractured cervical vertebrae, without paralysis.

$1.65 Million Confidential Settlement – Personal Representative of two minor children

Circuit Court for Broward County, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Against apartment complex owner for negligent maintenance which allegedly resulted in the drowning deaths of two minor children when the gate surrounding the pool was not properly secured and/or locked on the date of the incident.

$1.85 Million Wrongful Death Jury Trial Verdict for Plaintiff

Circuit Court for Broward County, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit. Vehicular negligence against 18-wheel tractor trailer. Appealed to Fourth District Court; verdict affirmed.

$1.2 Million Dollar Settlement - Bad Faith Settlement

Circuit Court for Broward County, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
Failure to tender $100,000.00 Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. A minor child lost his left eye due to an acid burn allegedly caused by the defendant homeowner’s negligence in the storage of the acid.

$1.5 Million Settlement

Wrongful death of the plaintiff in a vehicular crash with a semi-tractor trailer. The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle owned by Avis Rent a Car System.

$1.15 Million Settlement during Jury Selection

An airport security guard was hit by a pallet-tug vehicle during the unloading operation of pallets from an airplane. Crush injuries to the left leg.

$1 Million Confidential Settlement prior to Trial – ESTATE OF THREE MINOR CHILDREN

U.S. District Court, So. Dist. Fla. The design of F-150 bumpers (light truck). Design engineers from automobile manufacturer deposed in Dearborn, Michigan prior to settlement. Wrongful death of three minor children.

$1 Million Settlement for Employee at a Rock Quarry

Employee pinned under a dump truck sustaining multiple fractured vertebrae.

$900K Settlement

Fractured T-11 vertebrae suffered by woman who was being shown a boat in a boatyard. The boat tilted while being shown on storage rails, causing the woman to fall fifteen feet onto her back.


Personal Representative of the estate of an infant child. Miami-Dade Circuit Court. Wrongful death product liability. Four-month-old child died due to positioned asphyxia in an infant sleep positioner. Settled after pre-trial motions, second day of trial.