Pedestrians and bicyclists hit by motor vehicles may suffer serious injuries or death. At The Law Firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.A., our attorneys seek compensation for families and individuals hurt in a knockdown accident. The law provides payment for medical bills, lost wages and other costs of a pedestrian or bicycle accident caused by the negligence of another. Our attorneys take on large insurance companies in their efforts to obtain maximum compensation for victims. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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Children are especially vulnerable to pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Drivers of motor vehicles have an obligation to look out for children. Our lawyers have helped many families devastated by the injury or death of a child in a road accident. We provide a strong arm for them to lean on in difficult times.

Our personal injury law firm, with offices throughout South Florida, has the knowledge and resources to help you and your family after a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident. We use investigators and crash reconstruction experts to determine the responsibility for the accident. Our personal injury attorneys have many years of experience advocating for injured people in West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, call 800-33-COHEN.